Below-the-Line advertising is a means of brand promotion and communication that uses less conventional methods of advertising. BTL activities are a great way to enhance two-way interactions while building a customer-brand relationship. Below the line marketing includes direct marketing strategies directed to specific target groups and focused on conversions rather than building the brand. BTL activities allow a direct point-of-contact between you and your customers. In the age of strong communication and brands developing strategies to turn the market upside down, many brands have opted for BTL advertising to engage and communicate with their audience personally.
At Origins Advertising, we understand that brands need to engage with their customers in totality and that the BTL promotions are cost-effective solutions for a target audience, generating a better ROI in targeted campaigns for certain markets. Events & Exhibitions, Brochures, pamphlets, posters, Mall Activity, Bus-Branding and various other ideas comprise our BTL undertakings. We have a capacity to roll out activities faster than any of our competitors that gives our clients a competitive advantage.