From the origin of OOH Advertising to the post-pandemic times’ DOOH Advertising has allowed brands to adapt their creative ads in real- time to fit perfectly with what consumers are experiencing.  The digital shift has made ‘out of home’ advertising more attractive and interactive from digital to physical eye view. And we as an Outdoor Advertising Agency create a mixed perception of the above eye view for our partners to target their audience. The “larger the image, the more it retains” and that’s the approach of Origins Advertising after being one of the leading OOH Advertising Agency in delivering the visual appeal the brands need for their products and services. We are spread across the State with the largest digital screen networks, positioned at strategic locations across the cities in Uttar Pradesh.

We need an ‘out of box’ approach to keep pace with the innovative strategies and to achieve the goal of reaching the target markets with Digital & Physical Eye Innovation. Origins advertising is your go to advertising friend. We have centralized control center and monitoring system, ensuring seamless relay of content across the screens giving us an edge over other service providers. We believe in transparency of business and maximum customer satisfaction and to ensure this we provide access of the displays to our clients, ensuring their personal monitoring of the broadcast.

Origins Advertising believes the programmatic Digital OOH services are the need of the hour’ and we continuously strive to identify the emerging trends and deliver solutions that are ground- breaking and way ahead of times.



  • Dynamic full-motion displays and wide-viewing angles maximize the impact.
  • Live coverage and relay of content across the multiple LED screens and LED vans in real time
  • Direct webcasting by live streaming of coverage on online channels like YouTube Live content on mobile phones, tablets, laptops etc.
  • LED Vans- display at desired locations or ‘on the move’ broadcast for target audience. Serves as an Interactive medium, live or otherwise.
  • DOOH- Audio-visual communication combined with the visibility of outdoor.