It’s certainly an exciting time to be involved in the out of home advertising space. The demand for OOH campaigns has remained constant over previous years. Still, as we move into a new decade, the industry is understandably excited about what the future holds for real-world advertising.
A combination of tech advances with the traditional benefits of real-world ads has made the world of OOH unavoidable for many marketers and advertisers.

With presence in around 24 cities and over 400 large-format media inventory, Origins Advertising has a strong Out-Of-Home network offering a wide range of advertising space and sites at the most promising and high-traffic areas to deliver optimum results. Origins ensures that the safety protocols and standards are met during and after the construction of sites: the media quality of most of the inventory owned by us is state- of- the- art, best in aesthetics and quality. Additionally, we offer a larger expanse by virtue of our strong tie-ups with other agencies across the country and help our clients reach out to their target audience nationally.


Apart from billboards, there are several other forms in which outdoor advertising can take place. For example, Hoardings, Unipoles, Billboards, Kiosks, Gantry, Bus-shelters etc. OOH media’s scope to engage with the on-the-go consumers makes it a dominant stand-alone medium and a strategic complement to other media.