A time-honored type of traditional marketing, print advertising encompasses advertisements found in magazines and newspapers, as well as portable possibilities, such as booklets, direct mail, envelope stuffers, fliers and newsletters. Print advertising is a mainstay of many marketing plans and a key component of content marketing, complementing digital strategy by driving to online initiatives. Print media is here to stay.

At Origins, we understand that Print ads have stood the test of time. With its tangibility value, print ads mobilize brands powerfully. Also, their vast demographic reach through newspapers, magazines and other mediums make print ads a medium of wider access. With our strong market research skills and associations with leading newspapers, magazines and other publications, we pursue maximized media planning and buying efficiency through strategic negotiations. Our expertise in positioning campaigns across the print media domain, targeting brand value, brand retention and maximum consumer/brand interaction, lends us our competitive advantage. We combine this with powerful creatives and enticing copy to produce winning results.